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This is classic Blackjack at its best! Blackjack is a hugely popular spot at CasinoClub with both novice and experien...More Info

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BlackJack 2 against 1

21 with a 2-on-1 side bet! Expand your Blackjack horizons at CasinoClub and try Blackjack 2 Against 1! Check out the ru...More Info

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Blackjack Super 7

Count to 21 by 7s! Expand your Blackjack experience at CasinoClub with the excitement of Blackjack Super Sevens. Access...More Info

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European Blackjack

The Continental 21! All of Europe is united on this: European Blackjack is the Blackjack to play, and this is the versi...More Info

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Blackjack Charlie 7

Blackjack Charlie 7 is played just like regular Blackjack with the added bonus that if your hand contains 7 cards and i...More Info

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Blackjack Pro

Blackjack Pro is the perfect game for the serious Blackjack payer that is looking for fast paced action and the possibi...More Info

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Baccarat is an easy card game with a long tradition that goes back to 15th-century France. The objective of the game is...More Info

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Casino Dice

Winning at Casino Dice is as simple as predicting the outcome of a dice roll. Collect your prize right away, or play th...More Info

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Learning Craps and getting started How often have you heard casino and Craps used hand in hand in the same sentence? Al...More Info

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Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat is hugely popular among Baccarat fans because it is faster than the classic Baccarat, and you can bet on ...More Info

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Showdown Poker

When you sit down to a hand of poker, you can fast forward directly to the exciting finish in Showdown Poker! Your obj...More Info

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Texas Holdem

Texas Hold’em is the most widely played poker game in casinos and poker card rooms thanks to increased exposure on tele...More Info

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Victory is near! War is the easy card game you played as a child. We have transformed it into one of the simplest and o...More Info

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Casino Hold’em poker game

Casino Hold’em is a simple poker game where you win if you have a better poker hand than the dealer’......More Info

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Bonus Poker

Know when to hold them! In Video poker your objective is to build the best five-card poker hand as possible. In Bonus P...More Info

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Cash Climb Poker

Reach the pinnacle of success by building the best five-card Video poker hand possible! In Cash Climb, a pair of aces o...More Info

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Deuces Wild

Win a bundle, two by two! Your objective in Video poker is to build the best five-card poker hand as possible. In Deuce...More Info

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Flush Bonus Poker

Catch a Video Poker fever but with no adverse side effects! In Flush Bonus Poker your goal is to comprise the best five...More Info

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Jacks or Better

Jacks be nimble and you be quick to assemble the best possible five-card Video poker hand! In Jacks or Better, any hand...More Info

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Joker Poker

The Joker is wild! Here is the game for you to put together your best five-card Video poker hand. In Joker Poker, the j...More Info

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Play blackjack at Casino Club, the top destination for online blackjack games

The beloved game of gamblers the world over, blackjack is an integral part of any casino experience.

That’s why we’re pleased to offer you a wide variety of blackjack games at CasinoClub, where hitting the magical 21 is both fun and highly possible!

Why online blackjack?

Do you really need a reason to play blackjack? If so, here are but a few:

  • Blackjack offers the perfect blend of luck and skill making it a suitable gamble for both beginners and pros alike.
  • Besides the basic thrills of the game, most variations offer lots of additional features, such as the ability to ‘Split’, ‘Share’, or ‘Double (as a form of insurance against the dealer).
  • When you play progressive blackjack, with its steadily increasing cash jackpot, you can win truly life-changing sums.

Playing blackjack at CasinoClub

To start playing blackjack at CasinoClub all you have to do is download the casino software, or log in to the instant casino.

Then select the type of blackjack you’d like to play by clicking on your game of choice, place your wager and play!

Our blackjack offering includes:

Please note that not all blackjack options are available in the Flash casino. For a full list, we recommend logging in to the casino lobby (via the download software) and having a look under ‘Table Games’. For Progressive Blackjack you can also play by clicking the coveted jackpot-right corner of the menu.

Also, keep in mind, that if you’re looking to practice before making a real money wager, you can only do so through the download client.

In any event, it’s always recommended to get the ‘real’ blackjack experience by making a deposit and playing for real money wagers, as that of course is the only way to truly win!