Blackjack Party

Live Blackjack Party

Blackjack is a very popular game in casinos, both online and offline. It's no wonder that casino operators are always thinking of new versions to increase the game's attractiveness and make it more fun. The Live Blackjack is a real winner and with the Live Blackjack Party version, you can play the game in a whole new way - with two dealers instead of one. Enjoy the interactions, the fun, and the authentic casino experience while you stay comfortably at home and play.


  • Live game with authentic casino dealers
  • Camera angles that change automatically
  • 200 images per second
  • Live blackjack version that is extremely popular with casino fans
  • Special party mode for more fun
  • High odds in the Live Blackjack Party
  • Authentic casino atmosphere

Live Blackjack Party Game Play

After registering, enter the CasinoClub lobby where many live casino games are waiting for you. You can also participate in the Live Blackjack Party, where you play with two dealers instead of one for more fun as you enjoy the authentic casino experience.

You can choose:

  • The language of the Blackjack Party Dealer in the live game
  • The table limit of the table you want to join

When you join a game, you will be greeted by the two dealers, unless they are in the middle of a game. Once the game is finished, you can join and place your bets for your first two cards.

Enjoy the benefits of playing Live Blackjack Party, where you can get an authentic casino experience and even watch your cards being dealt to you live! Play against two dealers who you can interact with in real time, and sit back and relax as they do everything they can to make the game a unique experience for you. It's all about getting that 21, or as close as possible, so that you can beat the dealers and win the prize!

Table Limit in the Live Blackjack Party

At CasinoClub, you can play live games, including Live Blackjack Party. Choose from three different table limits: 50 cents, €1, and €5.

You can decide the table limit you want to play with.

Live Blackjack Party - Betting

Like with regular blackjack, when playing Live Blackjack Party you get two cards from one of the two dealers. After you take a close look at your hand, you can decide to:

  • double
  • hit
  • or stand

If you choose "double", it will double your bet and you will automatically receive another card. If you wish to receive another card without doubling your bet, you can choose "hit".

Do you think that your hand is better than the dealer's? If so, you should keep your cards and stand.

Like regular blackjack, you can make an insurance bet against the dealer or split your hand.

The Rules of Blackjack Party - Live Fun for Everyone

Before you enjoy the live blackjack party and watch the dealer's live chat, don't forget to make sure you know all of the rules.

In Germany, blackjack is usually played with the French suit. This means playing with six decks, each with 52 cards - a total of 312 cards. Get started with your first two cards and join a game of Live Blackjack Party. Try to get a Blackjack (21) but make sure not to get anything higher.

Each of the following cards will receive the indicated numerical value of the card:

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

The following cards are 10 points each:

  • Jack
  • Queen
  • King

The best card is an Ace, which can be either 1 or 10 points. The card is calculated based on what is best for your hand at that moment.

Try out the unique Blackjack Party game live, and play against two dealers. Have fun and play in an authentic casino environment from the comfort of your own home. Our doors are always open, 24/7.