Casino Hold'em

Live Casino Hold’em Play at CasinoClub

An interesting variety of live casino games that many players enjoy is Casino Hold'em. Particularly popular in German casinos, this live game is a version of poker, with easier rules. Basically, the main difference is that instead of competing against one another as is done in regular poker, participants of each hand play against the casino, or in the case of the live casino game, live against the live dealer.

Equally exciting (and enticing!) to players is the fact that the online, live version of Casino Hold’em can be played for particularly high profits if you prevail against the casino.

Benefits of Live Casino Hold’em

Live Casino Hold’em offers you the added advantage of:

  • Real-time games with real-time, live dealers
  • Automatic changing of camera angles, so you can always keep an eye on the action
  • Fast streaming and high-quality HD (transfer via 200 fps)
  • An interesting poker variant as a live game
  • Direct play against the dealer (instead of other players)
  • Exceptionally big wins
  • A real casino atmosphere in the comfort of your own home

Live Casino Hold’em Game Play

To access a Live Casino Hold’em game, you need to go to the CasinoClub lobby, and choose your game from there. Once you have selected the actual game you want to play (in this case Live Casino Hold’em), you’ll want to set your modes with personal preferences for:

  • The table limit
  • Language
  • Your dealer

Once you’ve made your selections, you’re ready to go! The live dealer will greet you as you take your place around the virtual table. As soon as a new round begins, place your bets, and prepare for the fun!

A standard game of Live Casino Hold’em at CasinoClub consists of 52 cards.

Each player as well as the dealer is dealt two hole cards, face down. The dealer then deals another three cards, placing them face up in the centre of the table (these are the community cards). From this mix, all participants must make their initial 5-card hand. At this point, more betting takes place. To remain in the game, you will need to issue a call bet, which is twice as high as the minimum normally bet. A fourth card, and then a fifth card are then dealt in sequence, face up, to the centre of the table, and the betting proceeds. After each card is dealt it’s up to you how you’d like to continue betting, if at all.

Once all the cards have been dealt, you must make a winning 5-card hand from your two hole cards combined with the community cards. Remember, your final hand will be compared to the dealer’s, and not other players.

Live Casino Hold'em Stakes, Odds and Bonuses

Whilst roulette and slots are the games you may traditionally associate with CasinoClub, there are plenty of reasons to give Casino Hold’em, especially the live version, a try.

In addition to the fun and excitement the game entails, it also offers the chance at extremely high payoffs for real money players – especially when you take into consideration that the minimum bet is generally somewhat higher than on other games. More risk, more gain.

Plus, many CasinoClub bonuses can be played on Casino Hold’em, so you have extra funds for a few rounds.

And of course, there’s the incredible availability, with Live Casino Hold’em available from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet device. In other words, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a genuine casino atmosphere, anywhere, anytime.