Dragonara Live Roulette

Dragonara Live Roulette

With a variety of ways to experience premier gaming from the comfort of your living room, Dragonara Live Roulette takes the next step in authenticating the entertainment experience. Whilst the standard gaming-setup in online Live Casinos is a real-time interaction between the player and the dealer in an arranged studio, the "Dragonara Live Roulette“ offers another layer to the casino experience. Dragonara features a fully equipped real roulette table, with real players during the live broadcasting, straight from the luxury of the Dragon Ara Casino in Malta. As the dealer is responsible for real players and evaluates them accordingly, it may be necessary to schedule a few minutes more for a game. But, by virtually attending the land-based casino, players experience a completely authentic feel of the place and the game.

From Download to Live Roulette – stages of development

It would be a mistake to assume that the interactive Dragonara Live Roulette is a common item. It is still an exceptional feature, even though Live Casino options have become increasingly diverse, flexible and authentic compared to previous times.

The limitations around playing Roulette at CasinoClub are lifting with the same pace and fervor, as its popularity. From the original simple Download Roulette, where one of the key requirements of using the online Casino was downloading the entire software, we progressed quickly to an online website streamer. This development meant that Roulette could be just as easily played in the web browser. Today, this is still the most frequently used version.

The next major step in Casino improvement was from desktop to mobile, no longer dependent on a home PC, players were now able to engage and enjoy Roulette on-the-go. Yet, a further development were the Live Roulette Games, in which a real-life Croupier throws the ball into a real-life roulette wheel.

Dragonara Live Roulette advances the Roulette experience yet another step further. It improves the authentic Casino feel by taking the game out of the isolated studio and inviting you as a player into the real-life brick-and-mortar Casino in Malta, while you remain at home with your own PC. This way you have both the glamour and the excitement of a casino combined with the familiarity and comfort of your own home. This new version is also known as "Land-based Casino online".