European Roulette

European Live Roulette

CasinoClub's European Roulette is one of the most popular roulette variations, so players really shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to play its live version at CasinoClub. The European and French versions are similar, but very different when playing live, especially if you play with a real dealer that spins the wheel right in front of you, speaks and interacts with you, and you can see every part of the game.

Benefits of European Live Roulette

  • Yields higher profits
  • A camera transmits the game at 200 FPS
  • Various camera angles that change automatically
  • Genuine casino experience due to the live dealer and cameras
  • Playable via smartphone, tablet, and PC
  • Useful statistics from the last 500 games of the European Live Roulette
  • Play with different modes and bet amounts

Game Play in the European Live Roulette at CasinoClub

The European Live Roulette is the game variation that is most widespread worldwide. At CasinoClub, you'll be able to join tables to play live European roulette and see real dealers in action.

To play a new game, enter the lobby of the live casino games and choose the table you want.
The tables differ in:

  • dealer
  • table limit
  • language

When starting a game, you can immediately see if you can make a bet (green bar) or if you have to wait (red bar). Your dealer will welcome you and the other players, and ask for your bets when the game starts.

Now, you can see how the dealer operates the wheel and spins it. You can watch live as the small ball slows down to a stop. Easily place your bets via your PC, smartphone, or tablet, and see your profits directly on your screen.

It's never been so easy to combine a visit to the casino with the comfort of your home, and enjoy the advantages of both.

Place Your Bet in a Live European Roulette Game

As with any other roulette game, when playing European roulette, you must first choose the amount you wish to bet and then place your bet on the table. There are 8 different types of Roulette bets. Each bet covers a different set of numbers and has a different distribution.

Inside bets:

  • Straight Up
  • Split
  • Street
  • Corner
  • Six Line

Outside bets:

  • Column
  • Dozen
  • Red/Black
  • Even/Odd
  • Low/High

You decide which numbers, colors, or symbols you would like.

Tip: On the game screen, you can also see the winning numbers from the last 500 games of European Live Roulette. This is very convenient and can help adjust your strategy and expand your betting patterns.

Rules of Live European Roulette

The rules of the live European Roulette version are the same as the normal version.

The European Live Roulette is played with 37 numbers (1-36, and 0). In American Roulette, the player can even play with double zero, which is why the European version (and the French version) is one of the most popular games - the probability of winning is higher!

Watch the ball closely, because if it lands on the area where you placed your bet, you're in for a win!