Speed Roulette

About Speed Roulette Live

Winning has never been this swift for you! Speed Roulette is the turbo-powered version of the popular classic Roulette and is exclusively available in our Live-Casino. The reduced time from spin to spin of only 25 seconds increases your winning chances with each beat. And you can enjoy all this in a familiar relaxed live environment with easy-on-the-eyes dealers. Don't hesitate and take your place at the Speed Roulette wheel today to secure a snappy win!

Speed Roulette with real Live Dealers – these are the perks

  • 25 seconds per round double the game pace as well as your winning chances, in comparison with regular Live Roulette.
  • The accurate timing allows an especially fair game setting.
  • You can only bet while the wheel is spinning so your playtime is utilized to the fullest.
  • The custom designed Roulette Turbo Wheel is as dashing as it looks.
  • Professional Live Dealers guarantee quick action and a friendly atmosphere to play in, just like in a real life casino.
  • Every Roulette table offers unlimited available seats. You simply lose no time with Speed Roulette – not even waiting for a free spot.

This is how you play Speed Roulette in the Live-Casino

Speed Roulette offers the finest distilled play amusement to the Roulette lover in the online Casino. Literally every second counts in this super-fast version of the game. With Speed Roulette you lose no time on the way to the big win! The dealer starts spinning the wheel as soon as the previous winning number is captured. Players can only bet while the Roulette wheel is spinning – and just 25 seconds later the winning number is confirmed thanks to the fast video-based winning number recognition. A round of regular Live Roulette takes about twice as long and therefore offers just half the chances to win as a round of Speed Roulette at our Live Casino.

If you're playing Speed Roulette online, it is most probably not your first visit at a Roulette table in cyberspace. The fast-paced game is suited mainly for connoisseurs of the classic Roulette who like to repeat certain betting patterns or enjoy outwitting the wheel with a special Roulette-strategy. Hence we believe it to be of little use to start explaining the entire Speed Roulette game rules and betting options into minute detail to you. Just like with all the other online Roulette versions you can bet on single numbers, specific number clusters, dozens, columns, red, black, and many more. You can always find out more on our info page French Roulette in the Online Casino.

What is special about Speed Roulette in the Live Casino

The turbo-charged pace is what makes this version of online Roulette stand out. Just like all the other games in our Live Casino, you can personalize Speed Roulette with various settings. You may engage in a friendly chat with highly experienced dealers as well as with fellow players, and you can observe the custom designed Roulette wheel from various camera-angles. All the functions are perfectly adapted to feature your game with the utmost efficiency to make sure you lose no time while winning!

Play Speed Roulette from your Mobile everywhere, anytime

It goes without saying that you can play Speed Roulette on the go with your mobile or tablet. And there is no need to download any apps in order to be able to play in the mobile version of our Live Casino. Simply type www.casinoclub.com into your mobile's browser window, log in with your usual username and password and kick it off right away. This way you can win the Online Speed Roulette at our Live Casino not only instantly, but everywhere and anytime!