Ultimate Texas Hold'em

An overview of Ultimate Texas Hold'em Live

Ultimate Texas Hold'em Live is a new live casino game at the casino table. Here, you can pick up a swift win of up to 500 times the amount deposited. A game lasts an average of 1 minute and the rules are easy to learn and almost identical to those of classic poker. If you like the fast-paced game and the deck of cards coupled with a little extra thrill, then Ultimate Texas Hold'em Live suits you, just fine.

How to play Ultimate Texas Hold'em Live

The rules of Ultimate Texas Hold'em Live are very similar to those of a classic poker game but with a crucial difference – you can’t bluff. The dealer cannot at any point be forced by a player to give up his hand.

The basic structure and the individual Rounds in Ultimate Texas Hold'em Live are nonetheless comparable to any regular poker game.

The table is an ordinary blackjack table, at which up to seven other players sit opposite the dealer. Each player thereby has the most important bets; "Trips", "blind", "Ante" and "Play". The bets are made with chip values of ​​1, 3, 5, 25, 100 and 500. The maximum table limit is 1,500.

When the game begins, all players including the dealer get allocated their respective two cards. A further five cards are placed at the center of the table, face down. Each player now decides which cards to keep or discard. During this time the cards remain completely covered. After receiving the cards, players have the option of placing an initial risk bet.

The "Play-bet" however, can only be up to four times the “Ante value”. The dealer shows three of the five cards at the center of the table. At this moment the players have the opportunity to raise their stake in the game. This can be up to two times the Ante. Checking your cards is possible at this point.
After these moves, the remaining cards at the center of the table are turned over by the dealer. At this point at the latest, the players have to raise if they have not done so before. The maximum value for this is the Ante.
Now, it is the dealer’s turn to reveal his hand. He can qualify only if he has at least two pairs. If this is the case, the ante and the play bet payout at 1: 1. However, if the dealer does not qualify, the bets run into a draw.

Symbols for Ultimate Texas Hold'em Live

In Ultimate Texas Hold'em Live, the standard deck of cards for the poker game is used and the highest win is the Royal Flush.
However, there is a special feature-with Ultimate Texas Hold'em Live, an additional betting option in the form of "trips" can be played. Here, the player must have at least "Three of a Kind" or a better hand to participate and they can gain additional payouts.

Hand Payout
Royal Flush 500 : 1
Straight Flush 50 : 1
Quads 10 : 1
Full House 3 : 1
Flush 3 : 2
Straight 1 : 1
Trip-side bet
Royal Flush 50 : 1
Straight Flush 40 : 1
Quads 20 : 1
Full House 7 : 1
Flush 6 : 1
Straight 5 : 1
Trip 3 : 1

Bonus rounds and extras for Ultimate Texas Hold'em live

There are no Bonus rounds for the Ultimate Texas Hold'em Live game. However, players can increase their chances of winning with "Trips" which can be placed as a side bet.

Tips & Tricks for Ultimate Texas Hold'em live

In this Live Table game at CasinoClub, players generally use a classic betting strategy - described by many players to be particularly effective in limiting the house advantage.

The classic strategy

Players must stick to certain rules in Checking and Raising:

  • The player should raise if they have at least a 3-pair or a better hand.
  • The raise also makes sense if there is an ace and another card.
  • A King with a five or a better hand also makes sense for a raise. Even the occurrence of Queens with an eight or six cards of the same suit can result in lucrative payouts.
  • The jacks with eight cards of the same suit or at least with a Ten are also suitable to raise the stakes.