Three Card Poker

About Three Card Poker Game

In this highly popular Poker Game you can beat the dealer with only three cards. It doesn’t get complicated in this rapid and exciting game. The deck for Three Card Poker consists of 52 cards. Besides the regular Ante-bet there is also the „Pair Plus“ option, in which a pair will pay extra and the Six Card Bonus for extra winning options. So the game seems simple at first, but offers you an attractive variety of different possibilities to win.

How to play Three Card Poker

Start by placing your bet. From the start you can bet either the basic Ante-bet only or combine it with the Pair-Plus. Or you may want to choose the Pair-Plus-bet only. Then you will receive three cards and may take a look at them. The dealers cards on the other hand remain unrevealed. A player, who placed an Ante-bet may now raise or fold. If he folds, the bet is lost. In case the player raises, his bet needs to be the same as the Ante-value.

At this point in Three Card Poker the dealer will reveal his cards. In order to qualify his hand needs to show a ‘Queen-High’ at least. Is this not the case, the player wins his Ante-bet 1 to 1 and also his Play-bet. Does the dealer qualify, his hand competes against the players’ hand and the higher one wins. If the dealer wins, the player loses all his bets. In case of equal hands, all bets are being returned. In addition to his Ante-bet, the player wins also a bonus with a straight or higher.

Winning Hands in Three Card Poker

Since less cards are counted in the Three Card Poker than in a regular Poker game, there are also less possible winning hands. Chances for winning are higher and quicker. Here’s an overview:

Hand / Rank Description
Straight Flush 3 suited cards in sequence
Three of a kind 3 cards of same rank
Straight 3 cards in sequence
Flush 3 suited cards
Pair 2 cards of same rank
High Card Highest ranking card

Bonus rounds and Extras in Three Card Poker

For certain hands a player is entitled to receive bonus payout. This is true for the following hands: „Straight“, „Straight Flush“ or „Three of a Kind“ will get you that bonus. Even if you did not beat the dealer, the bonus is yours, regardless of the dealers’ hand. The bonus value depends on the specific table.

Hand Bonus in relation to Ante-bet
Straight Flush 5 : 1 / 4 : 1
Three of a kind 4 : 1 / 3 : 1
Straight 1 : 1

Pair-Plus and Six Card Bonus Bet

These two optional side bets give you extra winning opportunities with Three Card Poker The Pair-Plus is won, when your cards reveal at least one pair. You win regardless of the dealers’ hand. The Six Card Bonus lets you make the best possible poker hand, combining your cards with those of the dealer. Once you achieve Three of a kind or better, you win an extra bonus.

Tips & Tricks for Three Card Poker

First of all, check your three cards very carefully after placing the Ante-bet. Should you receive a Queen and Six and Four or an even better hand, it is a good idea to risk the Play-bet. In this case you always start by playing the highest card, the others come into consideration later.