Card Roulette

Card Roulette is an online flash game that combines a fascinating card game with roulette, all played on a single table. To win on Card Roulette, spin the wheel and predict which card will come up out of a total of 52 playing cards and two jokers.

To find Card Roulette, go to the CasinoClub Instant Casino and select the category Roulette Games.

How to play Card Roulette

Place your bet on the various betting areas on the table. More than one bet can be made simultaneously. The betting options available are:

  • To bet on a single card, click on the area for an individual card.
  • To bet on two or four cards, click on the dividing lines between them.
  • To bet on all the cards of the same type, click an area in the leftmost column.
  • To bet on a card of a particular suit, click the area with the appropriate suit symbol.
  • To bet on an even/odd card or a red/black card, click the ODDS/EVENS or RED/BLACK area.
  • To bet on a face card or joker, click the FACE or JOKER area.
  • You can bet on the value of the card being a high, medium or low card by clicking on HIGHER (A, K, Q, J), MIDDLE (10, 9, 8, 7, 6) or LOWER (5, 4, 3, 2, 1).

The different payout ratios for each bet are shown in the top left above PAYS.

Pressing CLEAR clears all bets on the table. Pressing UNDO button only removes the last wager placed, and selecting REDO repeats your last actions. To quickly double your wager, click DOUBLE.

To start the game, click SPIN. Players who enjoy a faster game can click TURBO at any time.

To play again with the same bets, simply press the REBET button, and then press SPIN to begin.

You can change the colour of the roulette table to your personal taste selecting one of the four colour choices in the top right of the screen.

Card Roulette also gives you the chance to receive a Bonus Prize. You win if the last five hands form a regular poker hand! Keep track of the last five hands in the display BONUS CARD HAND.

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