Roulette Supreme

The Roulette Supreme wheel has 37 pockets numbered 0 to 36 , and a wide variety of different bets can be accommodated in this instant-play version. These include Inside, Outside, Announce and Neighbour Bets. For more information on the individual bet types, refer to the help facility available within the game.

Play Roulette Supreme

There is a racetrack feature above the traditional betting area. This offers a convenient alternative for placing bets because the order of numbers around it is the same as the roulette wheel. The racetrack also includes areas for four different Announce Bets, each covering a different set of numbers. These are:


Six chips are placed to cover the following splits: 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30 and 33/36.


Five chips are placed to cover 1, 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34.

SERIE 0/2/3 

Nine chips are placed: one on 4/7, 12/15, 18/21, 19/22 and 32/35, and two on 0/2/3 and on 25/26/27/28.


Four chips are placed to cover 0/3, 12/15, 26 and 32/35.

If you like to keep your eye on what numbers have come up previously, the winning numbers from the fifteen most recent rounds in the game session are displayed.

To speed up the game play there are two options available:

  • Choose the game speed to shorten the time it takes for the ball to land on a winning number.
  • The SAME BET button allows you to automatically place the same bet(s) as the previous round.