Keno Cash

Keno Cash is an easy-to-learn game of chance offering tremendous winnings, and stunning animated graphics and sound effects for a lively gaming experience.

Keno Cash has a playing grid with the numbers 1 to 80. In each round, the game randomly draws twenty different numbers, each represented by a numbered ball. Your objective is to predict one or up to 15 numbers that will be among those drawn in the round.

Before the round begins, you place a total bet on the round. You must also predict at least one or up to 15 different numbers by clicking on each desired number on the game grid.  Or, you can use the handy Autopick feature, which will mark up to 15 randomly chosen numbers for you on the game grid.

The paytable on your screen displays your potential winnings based on the number of “hits” – correctly predicted numbers - relative to your bet and total numbers selected.

In the downloadable version of the game, you can choose to play only one round or up to fifteen rounds in succession based on the same bet and selected numbers.

Keno Cash is quick, easy and can be very rewarding!