Bay Patrol

Bay Patrol is a sun-soaked slot game filled with tanned beach bodies in a distinctly Bay Watch-based game! Think tight red swimsuits, an array of inflatable life-saving devices, and plenty of swimmers and sharks.

Hit three jackpot symbols in a line to win that big jackpot and you’ll be heading off to some Caribbean island to have your own beach adventure. With its generous free spins, bonus games, wild symbols, Bay Patrol is a top choice for many of our players.

Bay Patrol is has 5 reels and 25 lines. Join the lifeguards and help them protect the many swimmers and windsurfers out on the bay, and along the way find sandcastles, diving gear and even buried treasure! The jackpot comes in three sizes – large, extra large and huge – depending on how much you bet on your winning spin.

Bay Patrol has the Autoplay function.