Building Bigger Wins

The Game

A delightful and artistically crafted online slot machine, Big Blox bring novel game mechanics together seamlessly with beautiful design and immersing sound that will get anyone in the mood to stack up symbols on the reels.

Special features and stacking symbols make every spin worth a potentially massive cash prize. The 5-reel, 3-row feature boasts an astounding 243 ways to win, too. Match together symbols or unlock Big Blox features to bring rewards closer to the heights of your imagination.

How to Play

When you’re ready to scale the temple and decipher the ancient carvings of each block to reveal your prize, select a stake before you begin spinning. Players can select from one of 16 denominations, with coin values ranging from 0.01 to 4.00. That leaves room for players with just about any budget to enjoy the game. Wager anywhere from 0.25 to 100.00 per spin.

If you prefer to the let this game’s ancient spirit take over the labour, an auto-play feature is available for an infinite number of hands-free spins.


There are nine total symbols that can appear on the reels. Eight of those are standard symbols with the addition of one Wild symbol.

Players will be able to match uniquely designed hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds. Beyond these casino slots standards, several intricately carved humorous and eerie faces made of stone can reveal themselves on the reels to form higher paying combinations.

Bonus Features

The biggest draw for Big Blox is the Big Block feature. A Big Block will land on the reels during each spin of the game. These blocks are formed from matching symbols that are grouped together. The size of the blocks can range from 2x2 grids to filling the full 5x3 game screen.

The game’s Wild symbol is capable of substituting for all other symbols to form the highest paying combination on any payline. The Wild symbol can randomly appear in a 4x3 big block as well for a substantially larger chance to earn bigger cash rewards.


The ancient treasures that are waiting for players in the Big Blox slots feature are substantial in size and plentiful, as well. Take a look at just how rewarding each combination of symbols can be in the table below. Prize values are a multiple of the spin’s line bet.

Symbol3 Symbols4 Symbols5 Symbols
Red Face30150400
Pink Face25125250
Green Face20100200
Blue Face1575150

The ancient carving show the way to where treasure can be found. All you need to do is spin the reels to uncover a lost fortune and claim it for your own.