Cinderella’s Ball Slots Offers Fortunes Only Found In Fairy Tales

The Game

Every player can feel like the belle of the ball in this feature that puts them on a pedestal in their glass slippers, flowing gown, and horse-drawn carriage all thanks to fairy magic. Don’t worry about the clock striking midnight, because this feature lets you play as long as you like.

How to Play

Featuring 20 fixed-paylines and 19 different wagering options, players any sized bankroll can take this wild ride for a spin. Because the paylines are fixed, all the player needs to do before beginning the fun is setting their stakes. Once that is completed, all that’s left to do is press the spin button. Auto play is available for those who want the reels to take on a life of their own while they dance the night away.


Players can expect to find many familiar symbols from the fabled fairy tale to appear across the reels in this feature. Symbols include pumpkins, magic wands, glass slippers, watches, envelopes and more. Match them in combination of three or more to win the corresponding reward.

Bonus Features

There are more special features than one can count in Cinderella’s Ball slots, including the Clock Strike, Fairy Magic, Carriage Spin, and Slipper Trail, Free Spins, and Ballroom Bonus. Add to that the glass slipper Wild and t’s easy to see why so many players are lining up to join this party.


The game’s largest payout stacks up to the hype surrounding this feature, rewarding players with up to 1,000 times their stake.