A Slot With Six Chances To Win The Grand Prize

The Game

Double Triple Chance offers players a classic slots environment with a novel approach to the game that everyone agrees is too good to pass up. Take this title for a spin and see why our players can’t get enough of the opportunity to multiply every winning spin several times over.

How to Play

This 3x3 grid slot machine takes its design from the early days of the game and offers a convenient and approachable style to players of all experience levels.

Wager in any of the eight stake values available across the game’s five paylines that play both ways.

Press the play button to spin when you’re ready or auto-play for up to 100 rounds while you’re away. Things really get interesting when you unlock the Double Triple Chance special feature and see what sets this slot apart from the rest.


Eight symbols in all can appear on the reels, with each paying different amounts when matched across active paylines. Fill all three reels with the same symbol to unleash the ultimate payout that Double Triple Chance has waiting for you. You can achieve it with any of the game’s standard symbols, including golden bells, cherries, lemons, and 7’s, just to name a few.

Bonus Features

When you don’t need special symbols to have a good time, but still want to cash in on your playing in a major way, Double Triple Chance offers you the opportunity to stack your wins up to six times.

The way it works is simple. All you have to do is spin the reels and match the same symbol in every position. Once you’ve achieved this special combination, you’ll be transported to the wheel of wins. The wheel is divided into seven sections, with six initial portions offering players a ‘Win Again’ outcome and one ‘Stop’ outcome. The wheel will be spun and if the indicator lands on a ‘Win Again’ portion, the player will enjoy a double dose of winnings. The process repeats until the wheel is spun and the indicator light lands on a ‘Stop’ outcome. Every time ‘Win Again’ is achieved, that portion of the wheel is replaced with a ‘Stop’ in its place. That means players can potentially win up to six times the maximum payout in a single spin.


Whether you unlock the mini-game or not, every spins can be a rewarding one. Below is a breakdown of the payouts for each symbol. Each payout is expressed as a multiple of the player’s line bet

Symbol3 Symbols

Now that you know how easy it is to get into the game, it’s time to put up your stake for a Double Triple Chance to win BIG.