Dragon’s Luck Slots Offers Wondrous Fortune On The Reels

The Game

Full of ancient and iconic imagery from the Far East, Dragon’s Luck provides players with multiple bonus features as well as an opportunity to win an incredible 1380 times their stake. With the dragon’s luck on their side, players have an even higher chance to walk away from this game with a life-changing sum of money.

How to Play

Featuring 10 fixed-paylines and a substantial 19 different wagering options to choose from, players from every walk of life can enjoy this fantastic foray on gilded reels. Before the fun begins, players have to choose the stakes. These range from a very modest sum to what can only be described as high-roller territory. Once that’s done, all that remains is to spin. Auto spin is also available for those who wish to play hands-free.


Players can expect to find many familiar Chinese symbols appearing on the reels, including symbols for luck, koi fish, dragons, lotus flowers, and dolls. Match them in combination of three or more to win the corresponding cash prize.

Bonus Features

Several special features exist in Dragon’s Luck, including the Mega Coin that guarantees wins, the dragon coin that spins to reveal secrets symbols, the 138 symbols that multiplies the win up to 1380 times the player’s stake, and the silver dragon that breathes fire to increase wins.


The largest payout this game offers is certainly found in the 138 Symbol, which will award players up to 1380 times their stake.