Discover Fire Drake for your mobile device

The Game

Fire Drake is a five-reel multi-payline Cash Flash-Jackpot slot game. You win based on the combination of the various symbols displayed on the selected winning paylines. For each bet amount placed, the house adds a percentage of the bet amount to the running jackpot total. The current jackpot amount is displayed in the upper right corner of the game screen.

How to Play

Once you start the game, a default bet is set for each of the 9 lines of the slot machine. Nine lines are automatically selected. You can, however, also change the number. As the number of lines decreases, all line numbers and the line path are colored to show the currently selected paylines. These lines and their path will be discolored as soon as the number of paylines is reduced.


The card symbols make the low profits. Things get exciting with the red dragon (Scatter) and the brave warrior (Wild). For each gem you receive 3 additional games. For each sword you receive 10 additional games. For a dragon egg you get between 15 and 100 additional games. "Fire Drake" is the classic scatter symbol.

Bonus Features

The "Cash Flash Jackpot" is a jackpot that grows slowly in the course of the bets. Every time you spin in any of the four cash flow jackpot games, the house adds a small amount to the current jackpot. This jackpot can be won regardless of whether the round makes a profit and won with every bet.

The extra game "Fire Drake's Lair" is triggered when 3 or more Fire Drake symbols appear anywhere on the reels. The side of the main game changes and the side of the additional game opens. Now choose 3 of the 5 treasure chests from the Fire Drake Cave.


The payout rate (RTP, Return to player) for this slot is 94.91%.