Clear the Patterns for Bonus Wins

The Game

Dig for precious gems in a variety of worlds and as you clear the grids you will benefit from numerous bonuses leading to bigger wins.

How to Play

GEMiX is a slot that takes place on a 7x7 grid. The slot takes you through multiple worlds and each features cascading reels with increasing multipliers, special charges, and wild bonuses.


There are three wilds symbols, one for each of the game’s worlds.

The standard symbols are gems of different shapes and colours.

Bonus Features

Each time a win lands on the reels the symbols involved disappear allowing more to fall from above and hopefully form another win. Each time a win is formed the payout multiplier increases.

If you clear 20 symbols in one spin then you receive a Crystal Charge. This will be one of four bonuses designed to form more wins. If you clear 40 symbols you receive a Super Charge that comes with a 3x multiplier.

Underneath the symbols you will see patterns, clear these patterns to advance through worlds. Each time you advance you receive a bonus payout and the wild symbol changes.


Landing five matching symbols in a group awards a payout. The top payout is 1000x for landing fifteen gold stars.