Hot Tequila

Grab your shot glasses, and get ready for a double shot of fun as you play Hot Tequila! You will feel as though they've gone on holiday to Mexico as you soak up the authentic atmosphere of Hot Tequila, a fun and flavorful 3-reel slot game.

Winning is easy you only need to get matching symbols to appear anywhere on each of the three reels to win! As you might expect, the tequila shots are wild, so feel free loosen up with a shot or two of Hot Tequila, as it just might help you win.

After each spin players are welcome to say "adios amigos", or they can come back and play the Double Up round to multiply their winnings. Every spin there gives you a chance to win a huge progressive jackpot. So, why take a shot of Hot Tequila and see what happens!