Hugo Is Going For The Golden Goal

The Game

A simple arrangement, Hugo Goal offers 3 reels and 5 paylines to players looking for payouts on the pitch. The video slot entertains players from both casual and hardcore walks of life, delivering classic slots sensibilities and modern mechanics to turn up the rewards.

How to Play

Get started in Hugo Goal by pacing out your stakes. You can go high or go low, the choice is yours. After deciding on your wagering position, all that’s left to do is hit that big SPIN button to set the game in motion.


There are all the standard football symbols appearing on the reels in Hugo Goal slots, including flags, referees, linesmen, coaches, football boots, whistles, watches, and footballs.

Bonus Features

When it comes to Hugo Goal bonus features, players are pleasantly surprised with the dynamic ways this game rewards fair play. Action Replays, Free Kick features, and the coveted Penalty Shootout are just a few of the incredible bonus features you can unlock on any given spin.


The highest single payout in Hugo Goal reaches an astounding 80,000 coins.