Cash in on this Spiritual Slots Feature

The Game

Mythical figures from spiritual texts and folk lore make appearances on these reels, where gems and spirits play the biggest part in putting together a rewarding result. Crisp graphics and splendid sounds offer an immersing experience with every round of Nirvana played.

Players will have five reels and three row at your disposal when trying to match symbol in winning combinations while they play. The game’s 20 paylines are always active and pay from left to right.

How to Play

15 denominations in all with coin values ranging from 0.01 to 5.00 each. That offers players the opportunity to bet as little or as much as they like with a maximum stake of 100.00 per spin.

If you’d prefer to let the spirits take over your fate, spin hands free for up to 1000 rounds using the auto-play feature.

If players would like the spin animation to carry on to the end, all they have to do is hit the spin button once. Hit the spin button again to immediately stop the reels at any time.


There are eight standard symbols that players can use to their advantage when seeking winning combinations. These include the phoenix, jackalope, serpent and griffin.

Free spin Scatters and Wild symbols offer additional special features that make spins even more rewarding.

Bonus Features

The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols but the Free Spin to create the biggest win along a payline.

The Free Spin Scatter symbol provides players with free spins, as might be expected, when appearing in combinations of two or more. However, in combination of four or more, these symbols offer additional coins, with up to 5000 when five scatters appear on a single spin.

When the free spins mode is activated players will have three features with unique characteristics to choose from.

Nudge – After the reels have come to rest one reels is one step up or down for the best possible outcome.

Wild – Creates 2-4 wilds in random positions on the reels.

Mega – The three middle reels pin in synchronization, coming to rest in the same symbol combination.

If three or more free spin symbols appear during a free spin, then Nudge, Mega, and Wild features can be unlocked.


Payouts are on a higher plane of existence when compared to similar slots features. You can get a feel for every payout possibility in the table below. Each value is a multiple of the player’s line bet.

Symbol3 Symbols4 Symbols5 Symbols

Start practicing your mantras because this feature is sure to put you in a whole new state of mind as soon as you set up to spin on Nirvana Slots.