Space Tale

It’s time to blast off for some fun in a galaxy far away. Space Tale is no ordinary slot game! It takes a winning combination of luck and skill for you to succeed in this space odyssey.

You spin the reels looking for winning combinations and bonus points. A progressive jackpot adds an extra jolt of excitement. In the bonus round, video gaming skills are essential because you must blast enemy ships and dodge asteroids on your way to the Evil Emperor’s space station.

Do you have the right stuff to reap the rewards? You can play up to 9 paylines on a spin. A winning combination is 2-5 matching symbols. A circling rocket ship symbol gives you bonus points Complete all four stages of the bonus round to win an out-of-this-world bonus! Obtain five jackpot symbols in a row on an active payline to win the Grand Jackpot.

Space Tale has optional Autoplay.