The Perfect Recipe For Rewards

The Game

Featuring a single payline on a 5x5 grid of symbols, Sweet Alchemy is a departure from the traditional fruit machine and takes a lot of its inspiration from modern mobile candy-themed games. However, the rewards are numerous and that’s all most players are really after from a feature like this.

How to Play

To get started, you’ll need to settle on a wager amount from the many available. Values range from very modest to the level of high-roller. Pick an amount that matches your budget and click SPIN to set the reels in motion. Any winning combinations or special features that result will award sweet rewards instantly.


Gumdrops, sweet chews, jelly beans, hard candies and many more sweets-oriented symbols can appear on the reels at any given time.

Bonus Features

There are several unique features to take advantage of in Sweet Alchemy. Several Wilds exist to award players unique prizes at random. There is no specific magic symbol to unlock a feature, but rather each win will fill up a sweets meter and when it’s full, a Free Game feature will be unlocked. These include the Mixed Candy symbol shuffle, Sweet Surprise wilds, and Sugar Bombs symbol destruction.


The highest single payout in Sweet Alchemy reaches an astounding 3,000 times the line bet with a 10x win multiplier.