Discover The Terminator on your mobile device

The Game

Who does not know the great movie "Terminator" from the year 1984. Main role: Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie has cult status - and so does this slot. The reels are of course kept in the style of the time, which sometimes seems quite oldschool, but has its charm.

How to Play

The Terminator is a five-reel slot that offers you 20 paylines. The slot offers nice graphics and has a great sound. Starting with just one cent, you can turn the reels to spin. You can bet up to 50 euros per round. Many additional games like "Locate Sarah Connor" bring high profits, so look out for the terminator symbol! Because the Terminator replaces all other symbols except for the T800 head symbol that serves as a scatter.


On the reels you can see various symbols, derived from the movie, such as shotguns, pistols, motorcycles or even police cars. Of course you can also find scatters and wild symbols in this slot. The terminator here is the Joker symbol. This can replace all other symbols and thus expand or complete your active payline. The T800 head is the scatter symbol.

Bonus Features

If you manage to place three or more scatter symbols (T800 head), you trigger the bonus game called "Locate Sarah Connor". Your winnings are much higher than in normal game mode. Shoot the targets and track Sarah and Kyle on the run. For hit targets, there is a win amount that depends on a random multiplier and is multiplied by the total bet of the spin on which the bonus game was triggered. The extra game ends when Sarah and Kyle escape.

The bonus game "Kyle Reese" is triggered by accident, the main game page changes and the bonus game page opens. The special feature of this slot machine, however, is the jackpot. Because this is an incredible sum of 500,000 euros!


The theoretical RTP of this slot game is 94.88%.