Discover Three Musketeers now for your phone

The Game

The three musketeers Porthos, Aramis and Athos are well-known and popular among adventurers seeking happiness and fun. Each Musketeer brings his own Wild and Special Bonus Game.

How to Play

Three Musketeers is an action-packed slot game in the company of the heroes of the Renaissance in Europe. Packed with exciting math and graphics, this is a truly triumphant slot adventure.


The three musketeers Porthos, Aramis and Athos watch from the right side of the reels. Each of the musketeers has a progress bar under it, which fills up when the characters of the character land on the reels. As the progress bars fill, wilds are added to the reels, while full progress bars trigger special features!

Bonus Features

Porthos adds Wilds by cutting the reels horizontally. He can always hit the reels for big profits. Aramis adds Wilds by cutting the reels vertically with his sword. Wherever he falls, wilds fall. Athos adds Wilds by cutting the reels diagonally with his sword. With every performance he beats a random number of times with the potential for big winnings. When the Pothos progress bar fills, you win the cash bonus. Embark on the opulent bar and guide Porthos to the rewards by selecting Mystery symbols. Fill in the Athos progress bar to win the promotion bonus. In a dimly lit room, you sit with Athos while he gives you up to three payout offers. Complete the progress bar of Aramis to take advantage of the chance to win on the Wheel Bonus. Aramis turns the multiplier wheel with his sword.


The theoretical profit outlook for the player in this game is 96.18%.