Treasures of the Pyramids

Treasures of the Pyramids is a 5-reel slot game with up to 40 paylines that can be activated on each spin. Winning combinations consist of 2 - 5 matching symbols along any active payline. The image of pyramids bathed in golden sunlight is a scatter symbol. When 3 or more appear anywhere on the reels, a player wins free spins where winning combinations are worth double (except for the combination of five panther symbols). Three scatter symbols trigger 8 free spins; four trigger 15 free spins, and five trigger 100 free spins! A player can even win additional free spins during a free spin sequence. A combination of 2 to 5 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels also yields a separate prize.

The black panther symbol, which always takes up two vertically adjacent spaces on a reel, serves as a wild symbol that can substitute for any reel symbol except the scatter symbol.

The Gamble Round

When you win a prize in a round, you have the option of trying to multiply it by risking all, or a portion of it, in the Gamble Round. Clicking the GAMBLE button allows you to participate in the Gamble Round. Alternatively, clicking the COLLECT button allows you to collect your entire prize at once. Using the buttons “+” or “-”, you can specify the amount of your prize to gamble. If you correctly guesses the colour of a facedown card, you win double the amount gambled; you win quadruple the amount gambled if you correctly guess the suit! The Gamble Round can be played up to five times in succession.

The Autoplay Feature

The optional Autoplay function allows you time to ponder the mystery of the Sphinx while up to 100 spins are generated consecutively based on the same bet. Naturally, you can stop the Autoplay sequence at any time. The Autoplay sequence also pauses to allow you to participate in the Gamble Round.