Win on the Ante and the AA Bonus

Introduction to Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a simple poker game where you win if you have a better poker hand than the dealer’s and you can win even more thanks to a lucrative bonus bet.


The aim of the game is simple, put together a better poker hand than the dealer’s using two personal cards and five community cards. The AA Bonus bet is won if your two personal cards and the three community cards give you a hand with a pair of aces or better.


Here is the paytable:

How is a Hand Played?

First you need to place your Ante bet and the optional AA Bonus bet. You will then receive your first two personal cards, the first three community cards are dealt and the dealer receives two facedown cards. You have the option of ‘Call’ or ‘Fold’. If you Fold you lose your money and the round ends. If you Call then you place a Call bet equal to double your Ante bet, the final two community cards are dealt and then hands are compared to see who has won.