Victory is near!

War is the easy card game you played as a child. We have transformed it into one of the simplest and one of the most attractive games at CasinoClub!

You make a main bet on the game table. There is also a place for optional bet on a tie.

You receive a card to compare it with the dealer’s card. An Ace is given the highest value, then King, Queen, and so forth.

If your card is of a higher value than the dealer’s, you win even money on your main bet.

If your card is of the same value as the dealer’s, you win an amazing 10 to 1 on your optional tie bet, which makes this bet extremely attractive. In a tie, you have the option of choosing either to “surrender” his main bet or “go to war” with the dealer.

If you decide to battle it out, your bet is raised by an amount equal to the original main bet. Then a second card (which is dealt face up after three face-down cards) is compared to the dealer’s.

If your face-up card is higher than the dealer’s, you win even money on your raise while your original bet is returned in a push. If the compared war cards are of equal value, you win 2 to 1 on your raise. However, if the dealer’s card wins, you lose both your original bet and your raise.

You can play up to three separate hands against the dealer in each round.