Spot of Luck

Catch a Leprechaun! Use it to make your best five-card Video poker hand. In Spot of Luck any hand of three of a kind or better wins. The higher the rank of your hand, the bigger your prize!

Spot of Luck features two wild leprechauns. Catch one or two to multiply your prize value! The game is played with a 54-card deck (a standard 52-card deck plus two wild leprechauns), shuffled after each round. The lucky leprechaun cards can substitute for any other standard card.

If one leprechaun is included in a winning combination, the hand is worth double. If your final five-card hand ranks equal or greater than three of a kind or better, you win according to the paytable displayed on the game screen.

Spot of Luck has the Auto Hold function that automatically holds cards that comprise a winning hand after the initial deal. You can speed up play by using Turbo Mode.