Setting your e-mail filter

As a CasinoClub member you regularly receive e-mails from us about the latest offers, news, information about events or special promotions. Thanks to these e-mails you won’t miss any of our great promotions and specials!

BUT do you actually receive our e-mails?

Almost all Internet Service Providers have spam filters in place to protect their customers from unwanted advertisements and e-mails. Unfortunately often e-mails that are wanted and should reach their addressee are being blocked. This is why occasionally you do not receive important e-mails from CasinoClub. How do I make sure I receive the e-mails I want?

It’s very easy!

To be sure you receive CasinoClub e-mails:

Make sure that you have added CasinoClub and the corresponding e-mail addresses and to your e-mail address list.

  1. Be sure that you have added CasinoClub to your safe senders list, or to the list of permitted e-mail senders of your Internet Service Provider.
  2. Also, double check that you have subscribed to our e-mails and have not accidentally unsubscribed from this service. You can easily find this out by contacting our 24/7 customer service.
  3. Please also verify that we have your correct and current e-mail address on file.