How about playing against others in an exciting tournament? See the CasinoClub daily Tournaments calendar below.

These events are open to all CasinoClub members.

Day Tournament
Monday Blackjack
Tuesday French Roulette
Wednesday Blackjack
Thursday Blackjack
Friday French Roulette
Saturday European Roulette
Sunday No tournament

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Tournament settings
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Tournament glossary

Tournaments test your skills against other players. To sign up and learn more about a tournament click the TOURNAMENT button on the casino menu.

Each tournament has an entry fee for which you receive a specified number of rounds and chips/credits. If you run out of chips/credits, or rounds, you cannot play any longer. You are out of the tournament, unless the tournament allows re-buys which give you more rounds as well as chips/credits.

Register to play

All tournaments are listed at the top of the Tournament window. For more information about a tournament click on MORE INFO. To register for a tournament, look under the “Status” column, select your tournament and click REGISTER. Click REGISTER a second time to confirm your choice. Your entry fee is deducted from your gaming account. If you do not want to register, click CANCEL to return to the tournament lobby.

You can register and play in as many tournaments as you like, but once you have registered for a particular tournament you cannot register for that tournament again. If a tournament is underway that you want to join, and registration is still open, select the tournament, click PLAY and then PLAY again to pay the entry fee and join the action.

Withdraw registration

If you do not want to participate in a tournament you have registered for but not yet started to play in, you may withdraw. Select the tournament and click WITHDRAW. Your entry fee will be returned to your gaming account. Note: the status column of the tournament must still say “Register”.


Select the tournament you registered for and click PLAY.

While you are playing you can check how the tournament is progressing. At the top of the window you find the “Tournament info dialogue”. Here you find information about the tournament, your current status and position as well as the current top five players. Click the down-arrow to minimize the dialogue window.

To leave the tournament, click EXIT and you will return to the tournament lobby. You can stop playing at anytime during the tournament and return later and resume playing. To leave, you can also click BACK to the Tournament lobby in the “Tournament info dialogue”. To play again, select the tournament and click PLAY.

Click CLOSE to close the tournament window and return to the CasinoClub lobby.

Note: Bets made while playing in a tournament are not counted towards wagering requirements for CasinoClub bonus promotions, Comp points or cash- back bonuses. Tournament chips/credits are not included in your gaming account balance.


If the tournament allows re-buys and you run out of chips/credits, or game rounds, you can keep playing by re-buying additional chips/credits and game rounds. To do this, click RE-BUY. If you do not have enough funds in your gaming account and want to make a re-buy, click CASHIER to add funds to your gaming account.

Tournament settings

Click SETTINGS in the Tournament lobby to access and change your settings.

Displayed currency

You can choose either to display your local currency or Euro (€).

Tournament glossary

Below is a list of the terms and definitions used frequently in tournament play:

GAME The game played in the tournament.
NAME The name of the tournament.
START TIME Shows when the tournament starts/started.
PRIZE POOL The total amount of money that will be split by the winners of the tournament.
ENTRY FEE This is how much it costs to register for the tournament. The fee is divided into two parts and you pay the total sum of the two parts. The first part of the entry fee goes into the prize pool and the second part goes to CasinoClub.
STATUS The state of the tournament.
Coming: The tournament is not open for registration yet.
Register: The tournament is open for registration.
In progress: Registered players can play at anytime.
Processing: The tournament is closed for play and the final results are being calculated.
Completed: The tournament is over and final results have been presented.
Cancelled:The tournament has been cancelled. Registered players will be fully refunded within 24 hours.
Starts in/Time left Shows the remaining time until the tournament starts/Shows the time left of the tournament.
Participants Shows the number of players who have registered for the tournament (shown as number of registered players/maximum number of players allowed).
Your status Shows your status. While you are playing you see your position, how many chips/credits you have left, how many rounds you have played and how many re-buys you have made. If the tournament is completed and you have finished in a winning position, you can also see how much you won.
Number of re-buys Shows the number of re-buys that are allowed.
Re-buy entry fee This is how much it costs to make a re-buy. The fee is divided into two parts and you pay the total sum of the two parts. The first part of the fee goes into the prize pool and the second part goes to CasinoClub.
End time Shows when the tournament ends/ended.
Registration starts Shows when the tournament opens for registration.
Registration ends Shows when registration for the tournament closes.
Starting chips Shows the number of chips you receive when you register.
Minimum number of rounds Shows the minimum number of rounds you must play to be able to qualify for part of the prize pool.
Maximum number of rounds Shows the number of rounds you can play.
Minimum bet Shows the minimum bet you are allowed to place.
Maximum bet Shows the maximum bet you are allowed to place.
Re-buy chips Shows how many chips you receive when you make a re-buy.
Re-buy rounds Shows how many game rounds you receive when you make a re-buy.