Funds and data transfer security

At CasinoClub your funds and data transfers are 100% secure, and all financial transactions are safe and protected. CasinoClub uses the WebDollar security system, one of the highest levels of encryption methods for transactions.

WebDollar uses the same encryption method as international banks. To comply with the stringent requirements of customers, banks and other entities involved, WebDollar relies on 128-bit SSL encryption.

WebDollar has been certified by RSA BSAFE and has integrated the RSA BSAFE technology in its products. WebDollar's software incorporates RSA BSAFE encryption or security protocols by RSA Security. For more information, please see the WebDollar website here.

The current status of all your transactions is displayed at the Cash Desk. You can display more details about the transactions by clicking on the individual line.