Random Number Generator (RNG)

At CasinoClub you have guaranteed fair play free of manipulation with our university-audited and regulated Random Number Generator (RNG).

CasinoClub uses gaming software and a RNG from Boss Media, which is part of the Gtech G2 group. Boss Media’s gaming software is widely recognized for its advanced technology and high level of transparency. Our RNG is also tested by TST, whose certificate can be downloaded here.

To ensure fair gaming results, all games at CasinoClub are based on a system that generates true-random numbers. In order to provide our customers with a reliable, trusted gaming experience, Boss Media has spared no effort in the development of our RNG.

By using a Blowfish cryptographic algorithm as a RNG, Boss Media can ensure that all numbers and cards generated in our casino are statistically random and unpredictable at every stage. The RNG is continuously fed with initial data, keys and number of iterations for background cycling from an external hardware. This external hardware complements the Blowfish algorithm as it also generates true random numbers, based on amplified white noise from two independent Zener diodes. This system is highly resistant to failure and ensures true-random number generation.

All customer transactions associated with the games are recorded and can be traced in the event of queried game outcomes.