Terms and Conditions

Martingale Malta 2 Limited, 85, St. John Street, Valletta VLT1165, Malta, is registered and licensed in Malta (hereinafter called the "Company"). These terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") represent the terms of the relationship between the Company and the player (hereinafter called the "User") for the use of the Company’s online gaming system, branded as "CasinoClub".

Martingale Malta 2 Limited operates according to Maltese Law, is licensed in Malta and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) under license MGA/CL1/350/2007 issued on 17th September 2007 and MGA/CL1/1184/2016 issued on 28th June 2016.

Games provided via the BWIN platform are operated by ElectraWorks Limited and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, and are therefore not under the supervision of the Malta Gaming Authority. These games may have their own games rules. In the event of a conflict between the game rules and these Terms and Conditions, the game rules takes precedence.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure that you fully understand the contents. The Company reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time. The User agrees to regularly review the Terms and Conditions on the Company’s gaming website. Upon notification of any change to the terms of the Terms and Conditions, the User shall have the option to close their account in accordance with clause 2.18.

The Terms and Conditions apply to both the Company and you as User. The Company agrees to provide the User with the services listed below. By pressing the "I AGREE" button when opening your "CasinoClub" account, the User states that each time he/she enters the online gaming system and/or, participates in the Games, and/or accepts any prize, the User represents that he/she fully understands and explicitly consents to the Terms and Conditions (including any revisions to the Terms and Conditions which may periodically take place) and how the Company’s online gaming system operates.

The online games offered by the Company’s online gaming system are hereinafter called "Games".

If any part of this agreement is deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that part shall be deemed to be severable from the rest of this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

1. License Agreement

1.1 The Company grants the User a personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable, and non-transferable license to use the Company’s client software and online gaming system. The User may use the client software on a computer on which he/she is the primary User. The User is prohibited from transferring or selling the gaming account to others.

1.2 The User may not copy the client software or written materials associated with the online gaming system of CasinoClub.com. The license cannot be assigned or transferred to anyone but the original User. The User may not sublicense, nor assign or transfer this license, nor rent or lease any portion of the online gaming system. The User may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, translate, and make any attempt to discover the source code, or create derivative works based on the online gaming system.

1.3 The Company’s online gaming system in full title, all pictures, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, music, audio, text, and the software in full are protected by copyright laws. Any unauthorised copying or distribution is strictly forbidden and violators will be prosecuted.

1.4 The User agrees that he/she is solely responsible for all use of the Company’s online gaming system through his/her Login, Password, and Security Code. The User is obliged to keep his/her Login, Password, and Security Code secret and confidential. The User shall not allow any other person or third party; including, without limitation, any minor, to use or reuse User’s account, accept any prize, or participate in the Games. Any unauthorised use of the Login, Password, or Security Code shall be the sole responsibility of the User and be deemed as his/her use. Any liability originating from such use shall be that of the User.

1.5 The User should ensure that the password is robust as it controls access to the gaming account. "CasinoClub" recommends that you choose an alphanumeric password. The safest passwords to use are those between 8 to 20 characters including letters, numbers and special characters. Keep it safe and change it every 3-6 months. Do avoid using words in a password, that includes familiar names of family or pets, special dates as well as the same password on many web sites.

1.6 The User fully accepts that all computer instructions and responses sent over the Internet to and from the Company’s online gaming system and the client software will be binding to the User. The User fully accepts and agrees that random number generator software will determine the outcome of the odds based Games (or the odds based parts of the Games). Our casino operates with a very sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG), which guarantees a randomized outcome for each game. (In order to understand how to use the Company’s online gaming system, the User can access the online gaming system and Games help file.)

1.7 In the event of aborted games for any reason whatsoever, all Users’ transactions are always accurately recorded on our system. Kindly contact our customer care team. We recommend all our clients to have an alternative ISP for any potential connection problem with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Subject to 2.2, 2.4, 2.8, 2.10. 2.12, 2.13 and 2.20, all wagers are binding for the User when made and cannot be cancelled. In the event of:
a) a game malfunction;
b) any use of the Site in a way not intended by its design;
c) any use of the Site in breach of these Terms of Use;
d) an obvious misprint in a pay table; or
e) any wager or account transaction originating from illegal or criminal activity
all related wagers are considered null and void, and the User’s Account will be returned to its starting balance (for the avoidance of doubt the account balance is the balance the User had on the User’s Account prior to the erroneous wagering activity).

1.8 In order to make bets and wagers in the Games the User may transfer funds to and from his/her online gaming account to and from the Company’s online gaming system. The User accepts and authorises the Company to instruct the company managing the online gaming account to manage such deposits and withdrawals.

1.9 The User is prohibited to place a wager greater than the available funds in his/her online gaming account.

1.10 The Company reserves the right to block a User from the Games, and to withhold payment of any funds if suspicion or evidence of manipulation with the Company’s gaming system arises. Charges will be brought against any User or any third party who has manipulated, or tried to manipulate, the Company’s client software and online gaming system.

1.11 In order to maintain a high level of security and to protect the User’s funds, the Company may (by itself or by authorizing the company managing the online gaming account) perform random security checks. The User hereby accepts that the Company (and the company managing the online gaming account) has the right to demand additional documentation in order to verify the User in the event of such random security check.

2. Terms of Use

2.1 The User must submit the correct information during his registration. The User must give a valid identification, address and contact e-mail. The User also agrees to update this information should there be any changes to his personal data provided. "CasinoClub" will accept no liability from third parties whatsoever, resulting from provision of incorrect data by a User. A player must register personally and in his/her own name.

2.2 "CasinoClub" allows only one account per person. Any subsequent accounts opened under the same personal details, IP address and/or MAC address that are found to be related to any existing account may be closed immediately and any bets will be voided at "CasinoClub" discretion. "CasinoClub" reserves the right to reclaim any winnings attained by these means.

2.3 Participation in the Games is open to residents of legal age (18 years or the legal age of majority in his/her jurisdiction, whichever is greater) in a jurisdiction of residence where the Games are not prohibited. Employees of the Company, its licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, and subsidiaries are not eligible to participate in the Games.

2.4 CasinoClub.com reserves the right to close an account at its sole discretion. Subject to 2.2, 2.4, 2.8, 2.10. 2.12, 2.13 and 2.20, contractual agreements must however still be honored.

2.5 By opening an account with "CasinoClub", the customer declares:
a) To use the betting account just for his own use; and
b) Funds used to deposit do not originate from illegal or criminal activity.

2.6 Player's Usernames must not infringe on trademark, company names or be abusing or offensive to other players.

2.7 Account holders are responsible to ensure that the credit card issuer allows the card to be used for gambling purposes. "CasinoClub" cannot accept responsibility for any action taken by a card issuer against the account holder.

2.8 Residents of the countries mentioned in the link are not allowed to open an account with CasinoClub.com. It is the User’s responsibility to determine the legal status of internet gambling in his/her jurisdiction and act accordingly. The availability of the website in any particular jurisdiction does not constitute an offer or invitation by "CasinoClub" to use the services offered by the website. The Company will accept no liability whatsoever with respect to actions by Users where internet gambling is illegal and/or which is in violation of this article of the Terms and Conditions. "CasinoClub" reserves the right to void transactions with minors or defaulters, the Company can request documents to verify your age.

2.9 The User shall abide by any and all rules in the Games as set out in connection with the Games and/or in the corresponding help files such as the House Rules and the House Policies.

2.10 The User acknowledges that full freedom from errors or incompleteness is impossible to achieve with respect to computer software. "CasinoClub" cannot be held responsible for any typing, human or palpable error which leads to any errors or omissions. Further, the User undertakes to promptly notify the Company in writing of any error or incompleteness in the Company’s online gaming system which the User notices while accessing the Games. The User accepts that the Company may adjust the User’s account balance in the unlikely event of a software error which incorrectly rewards a prize to the User.

2.11 Notwithstanding the generality of paragraph 2.10 above, "CasinoClub" is not responsible for the accuracy of any information displayed on third-party or affiliate websites and accepts no liability in the event of odds or other materials being displayed incorrectly or otherwise in error on such third party websites.

2.12 The Company reserves the right to restrict a User from accessing the Games, and to withhold payments made by a User, for a time period to be determined by the Company if suspicion or evidence of breach of the Company’s Terms and Conditions arises. Charges will be brought against any User or any third party who has breached, or tried to breach, the Company’s Terms and Conditions.

2.13 The Company reserves the right to immediately close the account of any User who uses unauthorised programs such as "bots", or any other illegal software that gives the User unlawful advantages, and to void all winnings from those accounts. Please note that bets with no risk, i.e. the concomitant bets on all red and black numbers in Roulette or the concomitant betting on player and bank in Mini Baccarat, are contrary to the bonus requirements. This also applies to bets in Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and Blackjack. In case a player will request a withdrawal, any remaining bonus amount will be automatically expired from the players' account. In addition, the withdrawal of any funds from those accounts will be prevented during any technical and legal investigation that is a result of a suspected violation of this rule. The Casino reserves the right to void all winnings accrued by any violation of our Terms & Conditions.

2.14 Any applicable taxes and fees in connection with any awarded prize are the sole responsibility of the User. Prizes cannot be transferred, substituted, or redeemed for any other prize.

2.15 Subject to clause 2.23, if no transaction has been recorded on a User’s account for thirty (30) months, the Company will remit the balance in that account to the User, or if the User cannot be satisfactorily located, the funds will be remitted to the MGA.

2.16 The Games and the Company’s online gaming system are subject to the laws and regulations of Malta. Any dispute arising out of or relating to the online gaming system, Games, prizes, website, client software, the Company, and/or the company managing the Users online gaming account, shall be governed by the laws of Malta, excluding choice of law principles.

2.17 Any complaints regarding our handling of any matter should be addressed to support@casinoclub.com. If you still feel that your matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you should turn to the Authority which can be reached on the following email address support.mga@mga.org.mt.

2.18 Customers can choose to close their betting account. If so, please contact customer care on support@casinoclub.com. As a registered user of our websites and after closing your account your personal information will be stored in our database in accordance with the legal periods of warranty, as it must be available for your security, or in the case it should be required for unenforceability, exertion or defence of legal claims by authorities or court of law.

2.19 In the event of inconsistency between the English language version and any other languages, the English language version shall prevail.

2.20 Funds deposited must be utilised for the placing of bets or for the stake on games at "CasinoClub". Any deposit method restrictions, bonus restrictions and/or security reviews and any other terms of these Terms and Conditions shall apply. Suspicious activity on an account could lead to the User being reported to the relevant authorities, freezing of the funds and even the closure of the account. Funds cannot be deposited and withdrawn to a different payment method without placing bets. Acceptance of a withdrawal request is subject to the User having made and sufficiently wagered a real-money deposit in their account. In cases where a player requests withdrawal of any real-money deposits which have not been sufficiently wagered, the withdrawals may be subject to an administration fee. All amounts the User withdraws are subject to the transaction limits, withdrawal methods, or fees that may apply. CasinoClub" reserves the right to void Users’ winnings in case of unfair behaviour against the casino.

2.21 Winnings and account balances in the ‘Practice Play mode’ mode have no commercial value whatsoever and are not redeemable for cash, credit or any other type of benefit.

2.22 Funds cannot be transferred from the account of one User to the account of another User. Withdrawals are only remitted to the same account from where the funds originated.

2.23 If an account is "inactive" (i.e. has not had funds deposited in it or withdrawn from it, nor has -had a bet placed from it or a bet settled within it and which, for the avoidance of doubt, does not include accounts which have been inactive as a result of self-exclusion) for longer than 12 months, then "CasinoClub" has the right to commence charging an administrative fee of €5 per month to be calculated with the effect from the commencement date of inactivity. This fee shall continue to be levied until the earlier of
a) thirty months from the commencement date of inactivity,
b) the customer closes his account, or
c) the customer recommences activity on his account.
If any funds remain in such account thirty months following the commencement date of inactivity, then "CasinoClub" shall undertake adequate and proportionate efforts to return such balance to the appropriate account holder. If after such efforts, funds still remain in such account, then these funds shall be remitted by "CasinoClub" to the MGA. If, during this period, the account in question has a balance of less than €5, then the administrative fee levied shall be this lesser sum.

2.24 "CasinoClub" reserves the right to deduct loyalty points from a player if no real money gaming activity has been recorded for the last three months.

2.25 The Company is not a financial institution therefore customers must not expect interest to be paid on their account balances.

2.26 Under the terms of international legislation aimed at the prevention of money laundering, "CasinoClub" is obliged to design and implement procedures aimed at ensuring that instances of attempted money laundering are detected, prevented and reported to the appropriate authorities. To that end, "CasinoClub" has established policies and procedures aimed to monitor all transactions done on "CasinoClub".

2.27 Verification of customer identity - we reserve the right to carry out customer identity verification on any account reaching cumulative withdrawals of €2,330.00 (or currency equivalent), or at any time prior to that event.

2.28 The User accepts that the Company may suspend the processing of a payment and/or a player account until the User’s identity, age and place of residence has been verified.

2.29 "CasinoClub" reserves the right to terminate any game, and in such circumstances, reserves the right to notify affected customers.

2.30 The game history of the software games can be traced back 30 days by using the menu item "Game History" in the software. The game history for all platforms (software, website, live casino, mobile version) is available when you log in on the website. This information is updated every 30 minutes and the complete game history from the time of registration is available to the player upon request from Customer Service.

3. Limitations and exclusions

3.1 Users’ access to the website, download of any software relating to the website and use of the facilities or any information "CasinoClub" may provide in connection with the website is at Users’ sole option, discretion and risk.

3.2 To the extent permitted by law, "CasinoClub" shall not be liable for (i) any malfunctions of the computer programs relating to the services "CasinoClub" makes available from the website, (ii) bugs or viruses resulting in lost data, or (iii) any other damage to Users’ computer equipment, mobile phone or mobile device, or software.

3.3 Furthermore, "CasinoClub" shall not be liable for any attempts by Users to use the services by methods, means or ways not intended by "CasinoClub". "CasinoClub" are not required to provide redundant or back-up networks and/or systems.

3.4 "CasinoClub" will provide the services with reasonable skill and care and substantially as described in this agreement. "CasinoClub" does not make any other promises or warranties about the facilities.

3.5 "CasinoClub’s" maximum liability to any User or any third party arising out of this agreement or User’s use of the services or the computer programs relating to the services "CasinoClub" makes available from the website, whether for breach of contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, will be limited in any twelve (12) month period to the amount, if any, User have paid from his/her account, in the same twelve (12) month period and in relation to the services relevant to which the liability in question has arisen.

3.6 The group (including its officers, directors, agents and employees) will not be liable to any User in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any indirect losses, including but not limited to loss of data, profits, revenue, business, opportunity, goodwill, reputation or business interruption or for any losses which are not currently foreseeable by the group arising out of this agreement or User’s use of the services.

3.7 You acknowledge that we are using the internet for all gaming transactions. Very occasionally there can be a disconnection or internet disruption which could cause a game to stop. In such cases, we are not responsible for such disconnections regardless of where they occur in the gaming transaction. Players must assume the risk of disconnection and should simply log back in to continue playing as quickly as possible if they are disconnected. Should the player be playing in live casino the bet will be voided and returned.

3.8 CasinoClub shall not be liable for any losses (including but not limited to, lost bonus rounds in slot games) that are deemed to have resulted from or caused by disconnection from the website, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission of the website and/or its content.

3.9 Nothing in this agreement will operate so as to exclude any liability "CasinoClub" may have in respect of either fraud, or death, or personal injury caused by "CasinoClub’s" negligence.

4. Privacy Policy

4.1 The Company is committed to respecting the User’s privacy and to complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws. The Company has adopted the following Privacy Policy which will apply to the User when he/she uses the online gaming system and the related websites.

4.2 "Personal Information" shall be defined as any information about the User that directly or indirectly identifies the User.

4.3 The types of Personal Information the Company may collect from the User could include, for example, Identity documents such as Passport or identity card as well as a recent utility bill to verify one’s address. The User’s name, contact information, birth date and billing information.

4.4 Most of the Personal Information is supplied by the User on a voluntary basis and some is gathered automatically by the Company’s systems such as statistical data on the User’s use of the Company’s website.

4.5 The Company will only use the Personal Information it collects from the User to deliver the Company’s gaming service, to provide user support and payment services, to carry out necessary security and identity verification checks, to process any of the User’s online transactions, to complete a transaction initiated by the User, to process any of the User’s requests for information, to monitor website usage levels and the quality of the gaming service the Company provides, and to inform the User, from time to time, about products and services that the Company considers may interest the User (hereinafter the "Purposes"). The Company will not sell, lease, share or disclose your Personal Information except as set forth in this Privacy Policy. The Personal Information will only be made available to persons working for the Company who require such information for the purposes listed above.

4.6 The Company may disclose (and you agree that we may do so) your personal information to any subsidiaries or associated companies and selected third parties with whom we have contractual relationships (including but not limited to credit card processing companies). These companies do not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information for any secondary purposes.

4.7 Personal Information collected by the Company may be stored and processed in any country in which the Company or its affiliates, subsidiaries, supplies or agents maintain facilities, and the Company may transfer the Personal Information outside of the User’s country.

4.8 The Company also has the right to disclose the User’s Personal Information to relevant recipients if it is required to do so by law, or if the Company believes in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to:
a) comply with any legal process served on the company or its gaming service;
b) protect and defend the Company’s rights and/or property;
c) protect the safety of other users of the gaming service or the public or;
d) investigate any suspected violations of the Company’s Terms and Conditions, fraud or other similar and/or unlawful activity performed by the User.

4.9 For security reasons, your personal data will not be passed on to third parties in any form whatsoever as a matter of principle, unless of course you give us permission to do so. So as to aid the prevention of match or price rigging, we reserve the right to relay a suspected offender’s saved details (information pertaining to the reservations or suspicions of the respective misdemeanor in question) to sporting bodies, authorities or any other third party, which deals with the investigation of such offences. The Company naturally fulfills the valid legal regulations for the collection and processing of personal information.

4.10 The Company will give you access to the personal data held about you at any time. Please contact our customer care team support@casinoclub.com.

4.11 Unless objected to in writing prior to the event, any player participating in a "CasinoClub" event automatically gives "CasinoClub" the right to use all photo images and video materials from such an event on our websites, in-house print media, and third party media (including the CasinoClub Facebook Fan Page). Such usage is exclusive, non-transferable, without payment, and valid worldwide. Should an individual choose to discontinue their "CasinoClub" membership at any point, the images/video remain the property of "CasinoClub" and can continue to be used in the aforementioned promotional materials.

4.12 You may unsubscribe from receiving promotional emails which, for the avoidance of doubt, shall not include any email correspondence which relates to your account and the use of your account (a "Notification Email"). Should you wish to stop receiving both promotional emails and Notifications Emails you must close your account in accordance with clause 2.18.

5. Responsible Gaming

5.1 A registered player may manage their personal limits in the ‘Responsible Play’ area of the account once logged in:

5.1.1 Setting a limit:
a) on the amount the player may wager within a specified period of time.
b) on the losses the player may incur within a specified period of time.
c) on the amount of time the player may play in any one session.

5.1.2 Change or revoking a limit:
a) increasing or revoking a limit has effect only after seven days.
b) reducing a limit has effect immediately.

5.2 A registered player may by written notice or electronic notice to the licensee:
a) exclude themselves from playing for a definite or indefinite period of time.
b) decrease or revoke the exclusion, with the change taking effect only after seven days from when the licensee has received the notice.
c) increase the exclusion, with the change taking effect immediately after it is received by the licensee.

5.3 A licensee shall not accept a wager from a player contrary to a limit or exclusion set by the player under this regulation.

6. Marketing

6.1. "CasinoClub" offers a selection of bonuses, rewards and promotions to "CasinoClub" customers. These are designed solely for customers taking part in recreational betting and gaming.

6.2. In signing for a promotion or accepting a bonus you agree to receive marketing communications from "CasinoClub". You will be given the option of opting out of these communications.

6.3. Bonuses or promotions may include specific terms and conditions relating to their use and customers should read any additional terms and conditions included or referenced in the bonus or promotion carefully. Any bonus Terms and Conditions will include a version number, date of last update and if applicable, a validity period.

6.4. "CasinoClub" reserves the right to refuse to grant a bonus or promotion or to exclude a customer from "CasinoClub" bonuses, rewards or promotions at any time or to withdraw, change, limit or suspend bonuses, rewards or promotions at any time.

7. Online Chat functionality in game client

7.1 “CasinoClub” offers a chat facility to the Users playing at BlackJack and Roulette tables to allow Users to communicate to each other.

7.2 When using the “CasinoClub” chat facility Users shall not make statements or transmit content which:
a) uses derogatory terms and/or incites hatred;
b) is grossly offensive or sexually explicit;
c) encourages or facilitates antisocial behavior or illegal activities;
d) harasses, threatens or causes distress or inconvenience to other Users;
e) influences other User’s actions through intimidation or abuse;
f) advertises, promotes or otherwise relates to any other online entities including forums.

7.3 “CasinoClub” logs and records all conversations within the chat facility and reviews them on a regular basis.

7.4 Any suspicious chats will be reported to the MGA.

7.5 Collusion in any way through the use of the chat facility is strictly prohibited.

7.6 “CasinoClub” reserves a right to:
a) immediately close User’s account in the event of breach of any provisions relating to the chat facility; and/or
b) remove the chat facility if abused by Users.

Version 5.2.2 – November 28th, 2017