Benjamin Heyden

Benjamin Heyden has been with CasinoClub since 2009, starting as the right-hand man of his longtime predecessor Marc West. In May 2013, Benjamin was promoted to CasinoClub Manager, replacing his mentor, who has since retired.

General Background

Benjamin Heyden was born in 1971. He completed his bachelor's degree in Germany, and went on to study business in the UK. Prior to joining CasinoClub, he worked for various companies in senior positions around the world.

On the Job at CasinoClub

Today, Benjamin sits in an office in Malta. When asked what initially attracted him to Malta and working in an online casino he is clear, "I have a passion for roulette and studying systems. I find this line of work fascinating.”

Over the years, he has gained experience in every department and learned casino management from the bottom up.

After assuming his current position, Benjamin decided he would like to put an even greater emphasis on safety standards and reliability. With this in mind, he has made openness and transparency between the casino and its members one of his guiding principles.

Benjamin is also particularly in-tune with members needs, and keen on giving them the best experience possible. “Our goal is to provide each member with the absolute best casino experience on the internet,” he says. “Here at CasinoClub, members’ needs are not only heard, but also implemented."

Outwardly, the man with the stylish glasses looks rather introverted, but as his staff can attest, he is incredibly warm and open in his dealings.

As his former Manager Marc West commented, “He can motivate people and get the best out of them, with his simple and eloquent style.”

Whilst Benjamin enjoys travelling to exotic destinations in his spare time, his ability to do so has been limited by his dedication to his job and his family, which are now central to his life.